Why Am I Here?

Written on my heart

Why am I here? I’m not talking about the big, life-defining question that shapes my existence–that’s between me and God. I’m talking about right here, right now, on the internet writing this blog post. I’m here because I want to make a difference in the world, to help people see that our society has bought into a huge lie–the lie that a woman’s life only has value and meaning if she has a career. But here’s “the rub:” all the words in the world won’t make a difference if people just sit here and read them, or even if they just pass them on for other people to read. Don’t get me wrong. I hope you will pass my words along, because, like I said, I want to make a difference in the world and words are my way of doing that. I want to increase my reach because it isn’t very far yet. Maybe it never will be.

But my “reach,” no matter how far it goes, now or ever, will never mean anything if all I ever manage to do is draw people into my cyber-world of e-praise and e-validation. All that will ever do is possibly harm my audience and most certainly harm my own family and home. My hope is that my words will inspire people to ACT, in the real world.

True validation and a true knowledge that a woman’s work in the home has meaning comes not from thinking we are valuable, but from being valuable. We recognize that value in our lives not by thinking more about it, but by feeling and expressing gratitude, and by seeing that something we have done has touched someone else’s heart. It comes from the heartfelt hug from the woman whose day just got a little brighter because you recognized her efforts. It comes from the happy laughter of the child you chose to play with instead of saying, “just a minute, Honey,” for the fifteenth time this morning. It comes from the warmth you feel in your heart after you do something good.

There is value in the work we do at home that defies the logic of the world because, not in spite of, because that work is about service and self-sacrifice. The simple, basic, seemingly paradoxical truth is that joy does not come from how highly we think of ourselves, but from how little we think about ourselves.

So, why are you here??? If you’re here because you are reaching out for something to lift your spirits and help you keep going as a wife and/or mother, thank you. Thank you for having that kind of trust in us. You might find what you’re looking for in the quotes we post on Facebook or the feel-good blog posts we write, but that boost will only be temporary and fleeting. If you’re looking for a boost that will make a lasting difference, then log off of the cyber world and participate in the real world.

And if the people you serve don’t throw their arms around you and proclaim, “Thank you so much! You are the best wife/mother/friend EVER!!!” remember this: The Savior of us all was mocked, spit upon, beaten, and cruelly murdered by those He served. If you live a life of service and selfless sacrifice, you are in the best possible company.


One thought on “Why Am I Here?

  1. michaelwhatfield says:

    Keep the faith……..

    “If you’re looking for a boost that will make a lasting difference, then log off of the cyber world and participate in the real world.”

    Words to live by!!!

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