Are You Beautiful?

Are you beautiful?

Do you have perfectly shaped eyes with thick, full lashes? Is the color of your irises rich and deep? Do you have a perfectly shaped face and a clear complexion? Are your lips deep red and full? Do you have a perfect body shape with great muscle tone and definition, free of cellulite, bulges, and blemishes? Are your hands and feet perfectly manicured?

If you have all of that, or can afford to purchase it, then you are fortunate. You will have the ability to attract a great deal of attention and praise, and the world will never mock you for your physical imperfections. But, you are not necessarily beautiful. And, any or all of that can become disfigured, marred, scarred, bruised, or broken–gone in an instant.

Do your eyes sparkle with joy or shine with love? Do your ears hear the quiet pleas of children and the real need behind their whining? Does your mouth speak soft, kind words even in times of distress or anger? Do your arms steady the elderly as they struggle to walk, or embrace lonely, weary, broken souls? Do your hands prepare meals for the hungry or healing for the injured? Is your touch gentle and patient? Do your legs run to the aid or defense of the wounded or the weak?

If you do these things, you have the kind of beauty that lasts, can not be purchased, and can not be taken by time or circumstance. Your beauty is the kind that can reflect outward and fill the world with beauty. It can radiate from you and penetrate even the bleakest, blackest darkness. Your beauty will nourish and strengthen and heal. And it will be remembered forever.

Isaiah 53:2 says of the Savior, “he hath no form or comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.” But when we see him, if our hearts are right, we will not see anything that might be lacking in His physical appearance. We will see the love in His eyes and the compassion in His voice. We will see the service and sacrifice symbolized by the scars in His hands and feet. We will feel the warmth of His embrace. We will delight in His companionship as He walks beside us. We will remember Him, not for his outward appearance, but for the way He makes us feel, and we will recognize beauty beyond compare.

Are you beautiful?

Our Exemplar, Jesus Christ                                                                                             Image found at


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