I run, hit, and throw like a girl.

I have noticed a facebook post going around lately that talks about girls and the stigma of “hitting, running, and throwing, like a girl.” I’m sure it is a well meaning ad trying to empower girls to realize that they are not “less than” a boy. But, here is another thought: I do hit like a girl, because I am a girl, and I’m proud of that. In our amazing effort towards equality I think we might be losing something very important.

Just for fun I did a google search on the fastest man and woman on earth. The fastest man to date is a Jamaican by the name of Usain Bolt, the fastest female to date is a woman named Florence Griffith Joyner. The difference in their times for a 100m sprint was 1.31 seconds. For those of you who run that is a significant difference. No one can shout equality in the face of facts. So what am I trying to say? The point is men and women are created differently. There is a reason for that. What I am about to post is a very controversial topic, so if you don’t want to read further please move away from the computer and your life will be far less stressful.

For just a moment imagine if men and women were exactly the same. What if men and women could both work equally well in all capacities? What if men could bear children? What if women didn’t have hormones that caused them to cry at the touch of a dime?  Would we even need one another? Many men and women would like to deny the fact that we really do NEED one another. And let’s be honest, who would pay the price if we were all totally, equally, endowed? Well, my guess would be our children. Why? Because, (a little like our modern world is turning) we would be so caught up in competing with each other that no one would really stop to nurture our babies. Hey, who would even stop and have babies? If we don’t need each other why do we need children?

Yes, I already warned you that this would be a debatable topic. But may I suggest something? Maybe the empowerment we should be giving our daughters, and other women, is to rejoice in who they are. Maybe for just one day we could revel in the fact that we are different. Actually maybe for just one day let’s celebrate that we have been given gifts, talents and capacities, above all is the fact that we can bear and nurture children, that are different than men. We are different than men. I am not lower than a man because of this fact, nor am I his exact equal. But maybe just maybe we make a pretty great team. His strengths enhance my abilities and mine definitely enhance his. We NEED each other to form the most basic unit of society- the family. I need his manliness to be the awesome husband and father that he is, and he needs my “wimpy, girl throwing arm” to bear his children and be his wife. So yep “I throw like a girl because I am a girl, and I am proud of that!” And for the record the ad was put together by “Always” feminine

products. Just a little ironic humor there :).



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